Towards a New World Through Our Technology

The current need to get products and services as soon as possible. The will to reduce costs from companies. Enviromental regulations that are discarding the most polluting solutions.

Using new technologies. Connecting more people. Being cleaner. Our integral light aerial transport system opens new possibilites. A faster and optimized system resulting in economic and enviromental costs reductions.

Low-cost Design & Manufacturing

At AldoraTech we have developed and implemented our own low-cost manufacturing process featuring additive manufacturing.

final components & tools

Composite material tools and plyomeric final parts manufactured through additive manufacturing.

lower cost

Allowing iteration, customization and improvement of prototypes more quickly.

closed-loop recycling

With the ability to become a closed cycle process by creating raw material from obsolete parts.

Additive Manufacturing
& Composite Materials

Studying and adapting every material and component to its function, in a way that optimizes the cost and the mechanical properties of each individual part.

Artificial Inteligence

Only by working with tools that will start a new era, we can be at the leading edge of technology.
Developing solutions for the most demanding and technologically advanced tasks.
Achieving the safest and best results.

artificial vision

By combining cameras with machine vision software, the aircraft surroundings can be recognized, ensuring reliable deliveries and landings.


The ability to study the optimal route from take-off to delivery point, avoiding other aircraft and dynamic non-flight zones in real time.


By using trajectory predictions AldoraTech’s aircraft can avoid other UAVs belonging to other fleets without having their trajectory information.

UAV in-house Manufacturing

Analysing which are the strong points of each material, component and process is essential to develop products with the most suitable characteristics for every task.

Our UAVs are VTOL, electric, safe and small because of our motto:
Design with functionality and ease of use by the user.