Our Services

VTOL Aircraft

Our aircraft combines the efficiency of an aircraft with the manoeuvrability of a quadcopter, allowing operation in small spaces without sacrificing long autonomy.

Customized solutions

We want our solutions to be 100% adapted to our clients so we study each case individually without ever giving up an efficient process.

Additive manufacturing

The use of additive manufacturing technology allows us to create pieces of a high complexity while giving us flexibility and manufacturing speed.

Autonomous flight

Thanks to your flight computer, our aircraft can be used with minimal human intervention, simplifying the task of the operatorĀ and providing security on the flight.

Modular design

The modular design allows to replace any part of the aircraft in a simple way to adapt to new challenges.

Integral service

Our services go beyond the design and construction, offering our customers the possibility that our team is the one who manages the operations with the aircraft or training the operators that will work with them.

Our Employees

Ferran Lumbierres

Ferran Lumbierres

CAD designer

Performing aerodynamic/structural analysis and design. Creating a modular frame for custom solutions.

Eduard Rius

Eduard Rius

Business & Projects Manager

Managing both economical and human resources. Working to offer state of the art quality while reducing project execution time.

Francesc Viaplana

Francesc Viaplana

Software engineer

Creating our products’ information systems. Optimizing each use case and providing autonomous capabilities.

Some facts about us

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Our skills

Our experience has led us to develop many skills that we put at the service of our clients to ensure the success of their projects.
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