parcel delivery

Urban and rural areas, through our technology we simplify transport logistics.

Healthcare & emergency response

Full access to any location. 
Urgent delivery managed faster.

industrial logistics

Small dimensions and high payload, allowing different sensors for industrial applications.

Parcel Delivery

From AldoraTech we work with the mission of contributing to an efficient, sustainable and safe development of last mile delivery using UAVs.

Through our technology we facilitate the logistics of transport in its various areas, rural and urban, with innovative tools.

Healthcare & Emergency Response

With full access to any location, regardless the infrastructure, either land or sea, the aircraft does not need to land to perform the delivery.

Making possible a faster delivery of urgent material and samples. And increasing operational capacity of small centers by sending sanitary material from larger ones.

Industrial Logistics

Thanks to the small size design with high load capacity, the A14M is highly adaptable to industrial intersite logistics.

Being a simplification in the introduction of UAV technology in various industrial sectors.